Mobile Surgical Services

Veterinarians wishing to discuss a case or schedule a mobile surgery should call:

(925) 201-3400 or (510) 595-4600

The VSC Mobile Surgery Advantage

  • Mobile veterinary surgical services provided by a skilled and experienced surgeon (Board-certified) with 'low-impact' on your daily staff, procedural operations, and resources.
  • Direct contact with a VSC surgeon 7 days a week for consultation, case support, and for scheduling surgery. (925-201-3400 or 510-595-4600)
  • Electronic case and radiographic case consultation 7 days a week.
  • Most surgeries (including TPLO) are performed in less than 2 hours.
  • Technician & Surgeon (12 Years Experience Doing Mobile TPLO)
  • ALL Equipment Provided
  • Demonstration of Radiographic Acquisition
  • Pet Owner After-Care Instructions
  • Client Communication
    VSC's mobile surgeons offer the opportunity, either via phone consultation or in-person, to meet the surgeon prior to surgery. This is done in an effort to effectively communicate risks and complications and create a relationship with the pet owner. VSC surgeons will remain available to treat complications; however, these particular dilemmas will generally need to be referred to see that surgeon at a fixed facility for additional care. Should the referral veterinarian not require primary communication of a VSC surgeon with the pet owner, the VSC surgeon will remain available to advise follow-up care for all surgeries performed by VSC.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is mobile veterinary surgery?

Mobile veterinary surgery is a service that VSC provides to a pet owner’s primary care doctor. Essentially, the primary care veterinarian has made a diagnosis that he/she deems surgery to be the best possible therapeutic course. The primary care veterinarian contacts VSCD directly, and arranges to have one of our trained mobile veterinary surgeons travel to their local veterinary hospital to perform surgery.

Q. Are their benefits to mobile veterinary surgery?

Yes! Many pet owners have developed a strong and in some cases ‘life-long’ relationship with their regular family veterinarian and this bond of trust can be invaluable to many pet owners as each family navigates through the rigors of post-operative rehabilitation. Additionally, many pet owners are in a situation in which they cannot travel to our fixed referral facilities or cannot take time off of work to do so. For these pet owners, mobile veterinary surgery is an enormous convenience.

Q. What sort of cases qualify for mobile veterinary surgery?

Cases may not be operated on a mobile basis if they are deemed to require 24-hour care for successful management. Examples of such cases may include but are not limited to: GDV, Splenectomy, laryngeal paralysis, intestinal resection and anastamosis, and nephrectomy. Case selection and patient candidacy for mobile surgical services will be determined on an individual basis by VSC surgeons. Cases typically suitable to mobile surgery include patellar luxation repair, mast cell tumor removal, bone biopsy, prophylactic gastropexy, TPLO and some orthopedic procedures.

Q. How do I arrange for mobile veterinary surgery if my pet requires it?

Easy! Simply communicate your wishes with your regular family veterinarian and have her/him give us a call to discuss fees and scheduling. It couldn’t be easier!