Getting Ready

Preparing Your Pet for the Day of Surgery

Please do not to feed your pet anything but water the 24 hours prior to your pets surgery unless otherwise specifically instructed by our medical staff.

Please be sure you feel clear about the instructions you have received from our medical staff about the administration of medications your pet is currently on for the days leading up to your pets surgery. If you have any question, please don't hesitate to call. We are happy to review it with you.

Dropping Off Your Pet for Surgery

The day of your pets scheduled surgery we'll have you drop your pet off at the hospital in the morning. We perform our surgeries throughout the day, and will call you once the procedure is done and provide a status update. We will also provide a time you can expect your pet to be ready for pick up if your pet is going home the same day.


It is fair, as well as our policy, to provide you, in so far as possible, a reasonable approximation of the low to high end cost expectation for your pets treatment. We will collect a deposit equal to a minimum of the low end estimated cost prior to providing treatment, with any additional balance due at discharge. For routine, elective or common procedures, fees will generally fall within this estimated range provided by the doctor. We ask you, however, to keep in mind that medicine and surgery are not always predictable. Each patient is unique and unforeseen situations or minor changes in the surgical plan may arise. There could be additional fees associated for those treatments. When possible it is our goal to provide you with timely updates when fees may be different than your estimate, before proceeding with treatment.

In the cases of emergencies, uncommon, or complicated procedures, an estimate will still be provided, however, it will naturally be difficult to reliably predict all necessary procedures. It is our policy to regularly update you on your current charges, as well as those for hospitalization procedures anticipated for the next 24 hours. Necessarily, there may be a wide range given for these types of estimates.

Fees for Recheck Examinations

There will not be a charge associated with suture removal, unless, of course, there are complications in the healing process. Nor will there be additional exam, consultation, or "office call" fees incurred for return visits associated with your original presenting condition as long as the recheck schedule is followed. Missed appointments or failing to meet the recheck schedule may result in a recheck examination fee.

Recheck examinations that include radiographs, bandage changes or sedations will have a fee associated with them. Please ask for an estimate of charges for rechecks anticipated for your pet’s particular condition.

In all circumstances we have the best care for your pet in mind. We will try our best to maintain your costs to within those estimated. Please mention any concerns that you may have regarding fees in advance of proceeding with any treatments.