Minimally Invasive Techniques

Minimally Invasive Surgery

This is a collective term for surgical techniques designed to minimize the intrusive nature of a traditional surgical approach while still maintaining medical precision, effectiveness and efficiency. Minimally invasive surgery:

  • Reduces surgical trauma and morbidity
  • Simplifies peri- and post-operative pain management and reduces discomfort
  • Accelerates recovery (less time in the hospital with more rapid return to normal activity)

For an extensive and detailed introduction to our minimally invasive surgical services, please visit our companion website, Our passion for this field inspired the creation of this site, which will complement and support your experience and education in the exciting and innovative, but unfamiliar world of minimally invasive veterinary surgical services. is an educational resource where visitors can learn about the benefits of minimally invasive surgery, as well as details about the conditions treatable with minimally invasive surgical alternatives. Visitors will also find interesting and relevant images and videos of minimally invasive techniques being performed, resources, answers to frequently asked questions, and more.

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Minimally Invasive Procedures and Techniques

Abdominal Surgery (Laparoscopy)

  • Spay (Ovariectomy/Ovariohysterectomy)
  • Gastropexy
  • Bladder Stones (Cystotomy)
  • Retained Testicle (Cryptorchiectomy)
  • Adrenalectomy
  • Colopexy
  • Intestinal Resection and Anastomosis
  • Abdominal Exploration (Liver Biopsy, Gall Bladder Aspirates, Gastro Intestinal Biopsy, Kidney Biopsy)
  • Cisterna Chyli Ablation

Chest Surgery (Thoracoscopy)

  • Thoracic Duct Ligation
  • Sub-total Pericardectomy
  • Pericardial Window
  • Exploration and Tissue Biopsy
  • Lung Lobectomy

Interventional Radiology/Stenting

  • Urethral
  • Tracheal
  • Ureteral

Consultation Appointments

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