Your Pet's Hospital Stay

Time in Surgery

Each pet is an individual and so is every surgery. Typically your pet will be anesthetized for a minimum of one hour with the total anesthetic time dependent upon the exact procedure performed.

Your Pet's Stay With Us

In general, if your pet has had a major surgical procedure, he or she will stay in the hospital a minimum of one night. Overnight hospitalization allows us to carefully monitor your pet for any complications that may occur post surgically and provide an appropriate level of pain management. Different surgical procedures may require longer durations in the hospital. Fortunately, with minimally invasive surgical techniques hospital stays are typically shorter than they ever have been before with traditional procedures.

Visiting Your Pet

We understand that putting your pet through a surgery can be a stressful time for you and your pet. We want your pet to recover as calmly and quietly as possible during its post surgery recovery. Sometimes, when visiting, pets can become overly anxious or excited when they see their owners. For this reason we like to discourage visiting on the day of surgery. You are more than welcome to call to check on your pet at anytime, and discuss the potential arrangement of a visit.